Better Than Christmas

And it’s the second installment of Diana Gill’s secret histories and con men roundtable with James Morrow, Jeff Ford, John Crowley and Tim Powers. And James Morrow kicks it off with his first contribution:

JM: Tim says, "I suspect not everybody will agree with me on this last point [namely that] I always at least hope that I have nothing ‘to say’ in my fiction. No relevance to here and now. If I see myself starting to write something that’s perceptibly a metaphor for something going on in the world today, I hope I always have the discipline to cut it out. " Well, Tim, you’ve come to the right place–I’m going to disagree with you, partly because I dissent from what I take to be your Poetics, partly because all of this mutual corroboration is starting to get on my nerves. Time to stir the pot, gentlemen.


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