Oh, Black Friday the 13th

Tomorrow, the final installment of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events books hits the streets. The Washington Post asked 13 fans how they think it will end. Half think happy ending, half think dark as night. The results are charming:

"The series will end with Mr. Snicket writing two endings to the book. One of the endings will be happy, and one of the endings will be sad. Mr. Snicket will say something like, ‘If you like happy endings, read the next chapter, and if you like sad endings, read the chapter after the happy ending.’ " — Henry Brandmark, 12, Vienna

"Olaf and the orphans travel to a remote island and miraculously find the orphans’ parents. The Count tricks them into letting him have their money in exchange for their children. But then he kills the parents anyway and escapes in a boat, leaving the murder weapons behind. Soon some fishermen arrive, see the dramatic scene and assume that the orphans killed their parents. The children are sent to jail and live miserably ever after." — Alexander Kopenhaver, 12, Arlington

The sweet thing is how most everyone wants some sort of happy ending. Oh, woe, that is so not what these books are about–but a kid can dream.

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