First Love of the Fall Crop

Ugly Betty — let’s hope it lasts. Betty Suarez rocks.

ps – Exec Producer Salma Hayek’s cameo as a telenovela star in the TV show on in the background was delightfully cheeky.

pps – Any others y’all think have already made the cut? (Besides Studio 60, I mean, which I’m not in love with, but am definitely enjoying.)

4 thoughts on “First Love of the Fall Crop”

  1. There’s a lot to like about this new television season — possibly too much, actually — but not a whole lot to love. It’s been much easier to pick out the handful of new shows I think are not very good (“Vanished” and “Six Degrees”) than to pick out the ones that are definite keepers. Which ones will actually last, I don’t know.
    I didn’t watch “Betty,” but I may have to reconsider and give it a try.

  2. Yes, it’s been a very good year. “Ugly Betty” and “Studio 60” are both keepers, and I’d add “Heroes” and “The Class” to the list.
    “Standoff” and “Justice” aren’t great shows, but they’re likably cheesy (and Victor Garber is terrific in “Justice”).
    Still hanging in there with “Six Degrees” and “Jericho,” but not for much longer, I think.

  3. Keith: I must admit to actually liking Justice in a noncommital, popcorn sort of way. I love all the melodramatic acting and the way it could be the set for a Robert Palmer video from the 80s with slight adjustments in lighting.
    I’m gonna give Heroes a shot tonight with the DVR.
    Fred: I think you’re right. It’ll be interesting to see what gets better and what falls away.

  4. Yes, I agree Ugly Betty is a keeper (I hope); Six Degrees I think will stick around; StandOff I hope sticks around; I too really enjoy the Sunset Strip show; Smith don’t think it will stay around; Heros…still out on that one.
    Glad to see Happy Hour get axed…oh yeah, what about the one Called The Class or something…sucked!!!

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