Wednesday Hangovers

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Hangovers”

  1. Not only will she not handle it, she’s figured out how to use her nose to nudge my keyboard tray under the desk where I can’t reach it — while I’m typing!

  2. Everytime you post about handling back emails I think, “Quick! Write her an email! for no other reason than to add to the burden of her work.” But then I remember that it’s not unread emails, it’s unanswered emails, and writing an email fascinating enough to merit a reply is entirely more work than I’m up for.

  3. Actually, a short, gossipy email nearly always merits an immediate response. It’s the ones that “deserve more” that sit and sit and sit. Endless cycle.

  4. Hmm. So what you’re saying is that I *would* still be delaying your replies to the deep important emails. hmmm. If only I had gossip. curse this lack of slapfights!

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