Two Songs: “Raise the Glass” and “Rumble With Gang Debs”

So, we’ll see if this leads to too much bandwith suckage, but if it doesn’t consider this a new Friday thing (mp3s will remain up for a week). Unlike Ed and Tito, I’m just too lazy and disorganized* to commit to full album reviews; here is my answer for the lazy and disorganized among us. Usually this will be one song that I really like that week, but this week, it’s two!

"Raise the Glass," Full Moon Partisans – There’s nothing exceptional about this track at first blush, but then you can’t stop bobbing your head from side to side and dancing a little, you notice the imminently sing-a-longable lyrics are better than you thought. There’s the quiet innocence of the beginning, the straightforwardness as it builds. It’s just fucking charming, relaxed, and toastable.

Download RaisetheGlass.mp3

"Rumble With Gang Debs," Tullycraft – You want to talk about catchy? This is the catchy grail. If this song doesn’t make you happy, something is wrong with you that cannot be fixed, friend. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything with bah-dum, bahda-da-da, etc. Cupcakes and teenage runaways!

Download rumbledebs.mp3 (link hopefully works now)

*Or is that overwhelmed and realistic?

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