Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Pwcover One of my most teeth-gnashing deadlines this past month involved talking to lots and lots of people in travel publishing about their extremely fascinating segment of the book biz, and particularly about publishing guidebooks on emerging destinations. This week’s Publishers Weekly cover story is the result. Check it out, if you’re so inclined.

Since I was starting from less than scratch, I did lengthy interviews with many, many gracious publishers; there was so much good stuff that ultimately space for everything just didn’t exist. This especially includes an interview with English-based publisher Hilary Bradt, whose Bradt Guides focus on countries in turmoil or recovering from war or other types of catastrophe. I may run some of her comments here early in the week, inspired by Ron’s (and Sarah’s) example.

After one interview, I’d be convinced we must immediately start saving to go to Dubai; the next day, not so much. Here are some certainties though: Go to China now. No one thinks Bulgaria is that hot. Eastern Europe in general, on the other hand, is. Ditto Vietnam. There’s still juice in Latin and South America. Oh, and Lanzarote’s one of the Canary Islands.

6 thoughts on “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”

  1. That’s a fascinating piece, good stuff…. Did you read Lionel Shriver’s “We Need To Talk About Kevin,” BTW?!? Aside from its many other virtues, it’s got a good guidebook strand running through it….

  2. Total congrats on bagging the cover, dude. And braving a certain person’s wrath by putting a certain country at #5 shows courage beyond another certain person’s, I must say.

  3. Great feature.
    Dubai is a real “footballers’ wives” location here in the UK. You can go there for the weekend and load up on gold and designer gear. The Canaries generally are a little low rent.
    My tip is Switzerland, much more diverse than people think. And in particular, Chur, where you can also visit the Geiger Bar – it’s HR Geiger’s home town and this bar is designed pretty much like the Alien spaceship.
    Oh, and Italy, of course. Check out http://www.gargonza.it

  4. Kevin — The Lonely Planet guy did bring up Switzerland as a place he thought might suddenly resurge. And Fodor’s said Italy is doing really well, so you’re two for two.
    Scott — I’m not crazy; I blame the European airlines for that ranking! (Although, everybody I talked to was a little, “Why is Australia on the emerging list? Australia’s always huge?”)
    Greg — Well, when you put it like that. Thanks!
    Jenny — I haven’t read that one, but Shriver is on my list of people I should have read by now.

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