To (Pre)Judge or Not to (Pre)Judge

There’s a miniscule brouhaha over in TEV’s comments about the intrinsic merits (or rather deficiencies) of YA and other genre-type books and whether they can have as much "lasting value" as Great Adult Literature. I’m paraphrasing, but not by much.

I have promised myself not to post any further comments, because happy news day, stuff to do, and the like. But I’m weak, so who knows? And that doesn’t mean you can’t.

3 thoughts on “To (Pre)Judge or Not to (Pre)Judge”

  1. I just made the mother of all entries over there – God help me – but I simply had to. I hate the feeling that I am less of a discerning reader because I read YA. Please – everyone in the room who just finished a 530 page book on the battle of Gallipoli raise their hands.
    Yeah – just me, the girl who reads YA too. I gave Mark some ideas for books he should consider. And why on earth no one else has mentioned His Dark Materials to him I don’t know. I hope he at least reads some YA books now. It just might broaden those narrow horizons a bit.

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