Something To Bookmark

A bunch of people I like have launched a new group link blog, Big Blog of Cheese. There’s lots of good stuff there already.

(The only question is exactly how many blogs/journals can Niall Harrison keep going at one time; I’m going to stake out 13.)

5 thoughts on “Something To Bookmark”

  1. If you were to suggest that it is within the realm of possibility that I need to get out more, I would not necessarily disagree with you. 🙂
    (Although I probably won’t need to post anything at all. Graham is turning out to be of a linklogging fiend. And he looks so quiet.)

  2. Group Blogs Win

    Just in case you’re Snakes on a Plane-ed out, here are a few refreshing links to check out. I’ve been surfing around, trying to broaden our literary horizons… Start with The LitBlog Co-op, a collective effort by some of the…

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