Do Not Abuse the Semicolon

Bumper sticker spotted this evening:

Life Is Fragile;
Handle With Prayer

I came home immediately and made my own "Do not besmirch the semicolon!" bumper sticker. (Well, I would have if I still had access to a bumper sticker machine–those were the days!)

5 thoughts on “Do Not Abuse the Semicolon”

  1. Hate to go all English teacher on you (the fact that I’m 90 minutes away from my first department meeting of the year may have something to do with it) but the bumper sticker you quote seems correctly punctuated to me. Or do you feel it’s hyper-correct?–Brett

  2. If you’re going to use a semicolon, you have to use a period. And it’s silly to use either in this context. Notice I didn’t say the semicolon was used incorrectly; I implied it was being abused. It’s gratuitous!

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