The Only Opinion That Matters Is His

The Watcher (my favorite TV blog) has Project Runway’s Tim Gunn on The Devil Wears Prada:

“On [July 2], Grace Mirabella (17 years as editor in chief of Vogue, right before Anna Wintour [took over as editor]) and I decided to postpone our movie plan in favor of heading up to Connecticut to visit a mutual pal, Grace’s fashion director at Vogue and, later, Mirabella and then New York magazine, Jade Hobson.

“Frankly, I knew that Grace was ambivalent about seeing the movie and was equally ambivalent about being seen seeing it. So, I capitulated and off we went. We had a wonderful lunch after which Jade exclaimed, `Let’s see The Devil Wears Prada! It’s playing in Westport!’ So, off we went.

“Watching the movie while sitting next to the person who was ousted in favor of Anna was an experience in itself. I kept saying to myself, `Don’t like the movie. Don’t like the movie.’

“The trouble was, I did like the movie. Meryl Street is fabulous. She isn’t doing an impersonation of Anna. Rather, she really owns the role herself. And I loved Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci too. I have mixed feelings about the clothes: Streep looks stunning, but slightly dowdy and sometimes too costume-y, and Hathaway, but for the Chanel ‘costume’ with the thigh-high boots, looks stunning and stylish.

“Anyway, after the movie ended and the credits rolled and the lights came up, Grace and I turned to each other and said simultaneously, `I loved it!’ We did. And Jade did too.”

Le happy sigh.

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