Apparently, Asimov’s owner forced Sheila Williams to kill a story she’d bought by Jim Grimsley that dealt graphically with child abuse and technology. Much discussion about this at the Asimov’s message board (Gordon van Gelder and George R.R. Martin weigh in, among others); see also Scalzi’s take. I always half-wondered if mailing the first issue of Say…, which contained Scott Westerfeld‘s story, "The Child in Society,"* internationally would get us in trouble, but it never did. Nobody reads!

(*This story doesn’t actually have anything all that offensive in it — certainly nothing graphic — but boy, does it make you think it will. And later Scott sent us another taboo story. For awhile there, I thought he was trying to get us banned in Canada.)

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  1. On a very vaguely related note, I should mention that my local comic shop is making plans to essentially smuggle Lost Girls into Canada in the event that Canada Customs gets stroppy about it.
    They are an embarrassement. I’ll dig up that link sometime about how they let Andrea Dworkin decide what was obscene…

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