Sleep Library

I am a colon!
Find your own pose!

(Via Reb Livingston.)

Books available to pick up at the library*:

Aztecs : an interpretation / Inga Clendinnen.

Bury me standing : the Gypsies and their journey / by Isabel Fonseca.

Road trip USA : cross-country adventures on America’s two-lane highways / Jamie Jensen.

The Aztecs / Frances F. Berdan ; Frank W. Porter III, general editor.

The complete world of Greek mythology / Richard Buxton.
The end of tragedy : four novellas / Rachel Ingalls. (Okay, this one’s just for fun)

The genealogy of Greek mythology : an illustrated family tree of Greek myth from the first gods to the founders of Rome / Vanessa James.

The practice of dream healing : bringing ancient Greek mysteries into modern medicine / Edward Tick.

*Yes, I’ve read some of these already. Yes, I’m too cheap to actually buy them. Yes, they are research material. And more on the way. Yes, I treat the library as my personal collection. Yes, I’ll keep all these out for the allowed three months. Mwahaha.

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