Commentatorial Fashion Sins

SuitI HATE the trend of making sportscasters wear suits. Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen should never be in suits. They are retired; they are tan; they are incredibly wealthy and don’t need them. I suspect that Al Trautwig will look like a drunk who has been rolling around in a ditch somewhere in his, no matter who spit-smoothes his hair. And oh, Bob Roll, he’s just a polo shirt kinda guy.

Who told OLN shoulder pads were still okay?

Welcome to Le Tour, Great Doping Scandal of Holy F-ing Unbelievableness Edition. (You might want to check out Monsieur Sarvas‘ digs over the next few weeks. Excuse me as I geek out in bliss over his teeny interview with cycling journalism GOD Samuel Abt.) Bring on the tight shorts! No to suits! And where is Kirsten Gumm? She’d been getting better, we consense. And she would have said no, NO to suits.

Ligettp.s. Wish us luck trying to win Christopher a new bike this month!

UPDATED: LONG LIVE THE BOYS OF OLN! They have risen up against the suit tyrany and taken off their ties on the first live special of Le Tour. I can only credit Liggett and Sherwen with this act of fashion mutiny.

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