Two Things (updated)

  1. I stuck up some photos of yesterday’s convention madness, including from the infamous Ratbastards’ karaoke party. Captions will be added later to unmask the guilty. (And I didn’t even post the most incriminating one of Scalzi!) Best thing of Wiscon so far? Hearing the first couple of chapters of Karen Joy Fowler’s new novel, which promises to be a sharp, brilliant mystery. UPDATED: I added more photos from last night and captions to everything.
  2. PW has the scoop on Cathy’s Book, a new concept YA book that updates the Choose Your Own Adventure premise and has sparked a foreign rights bidding war. And did I mention that it’s written by Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman? Happy, happy.

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  1. Ah, yes – Cathy’s Book, another one that my former employers – in all their wisdom – turned down as “unpublishable.” *sigh*
    Maybe it’s better they canned me. Things like this got very depressing. 🙂

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