Sunday Hangovers

7 thoughts on “Sunday Hangovers”

  1. I just can’t even bear to make a joke about Anne Rice’s crazypants bio. She’s clearly fucking insane. I wonder if she always refers to herself in the third person.

  2. I loved the Doris Egan post on research & story – have you read any of the spec fic novels she wrote as Doris Egan or Jane Emerson? So depressing (for those of us on a different continent, and without a television) that she switched from books to TV shows…

  3. Sounds fabulous, Kevin. I’ve set up a timer to catch the first season eps as they air on BBC America.
    Steph, I haven’t read them, but will definitely keep an eye out now. Her posts are wonderful.
    & etc, Anne Rice is bye bye.

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