It feels like the end.

Partings. In the sixth-season finale, Lorelai tries to avoid Luke and ends up pouring her heart out to a psychologist (Melora Hardin) who was invited to dinner at her parents’ house. Elsewhere, Rory tries to avoid the Huntzbergers, particularly Mitchum, as she attends Logan’s graduation and prepares for his inevitable departure; and Taylor’s bothered by an influx of troubadours to Stars Hollow. Mary Lynn Rajskub, Sam Phillips, Grant Lee Phillips, Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Sparks and Joe Pernice appear.

At least we have the bands to look forward to.

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  1. Also FYI it supposedly runs two minutes over — cutting into Veronica Mars time if you watch them both. Boo hiss!

  2. Holy cow. Someone in charge likes Sparks! The other week they played “Angst in my Pants.” This week they’re in Stars Hollow!
    It’s sad how happy this makes me.

  3. Much better than I hoped. But Christopher is SUCH a sleaze. Oh well, farewell show. We’ll see what psuedo show comes back in your place next year.

  4. I gotta tell you – I did not buy the ending. You don’t stand on a street corner professing your love to someone and then end up in bed with a guy you admitted a hour before that you never even loved. That does not happen on this show – if it was Sex & the City I’d buy it, but not on GG. Lorelai should have gone home and cried, she should have gone to Sookie and cried. This just seemed beyond fake to me and I really don’t know that I’ll watch the show again.
    I mean really – sleeping with Christopher? On what alternate universe is that how Lorelai gets over her sadness? (And don’t even get me started on Luke worrying more bout April than any other part of his life!)

  5. I definitely agree on the character assassination on Luke. That’s been the main tragedy of this whole season and could have prevented just about every ludicrous plot happening.
    I’m not so sure about Lorelai sleeping with Christopher though. Although it certainly undoes any of the rehab they were trying to do with Christopher’s character this season — that he’d sleep with Lorelai when she was clearly distraught.
    They’ve impulsively slept together before, so we know there’s chemistry there. It doesn’t seem completely out of character for Lorelai to me. And perhaps what Lorelai really felt like she needed in that moment was a man who wanted her… Christopher’s always been easy in that respect.
    The moral of the episode seemed to be: Do not listen to shrinks. Which was a little suspect.

  6. Well, certainly don’t listen to shrinks who have very poor boundaries, and allow people to call them up at all hours and do therapy in the back seat of a car. Does anyone know who played that shrink, BTW? She looked so familiar and I can’t find her on IMDB.
    Also, I liked the Sparks song the best.

  7. I’m with you on Lorelai’s facial expression – great acting for sure and I thought she looked…bereft in the whole episode and definitely falling apart.
    But I cling to my belief that while Christopher is a skank Lorelai is not!!! Ha! I guess it all really fell apart for me when Luke just let her walk away – when he said he had to think about April as if April would really care so much if Luke got married. (She liked Rory, she liked Lorelai – is this whole thing just that Luke wants to be more popular than Lorelai or something?)
    It just…oh the while thing royally pissed me off. Maybe I just loved Luke myself too much and I wanted him to be the guy who was finally man enough for Lorelai.
    And crap. Christopher. God save us all from Christopher.

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