This show, however, still makes me happy.

"Look Who’s Stalking" When Gia is convinced she’s being stalked, Veronica takes the case despite her dad’s orders not to get involved. What she discovers not only shocks both girls, but leads to further questions.

So happy, in fact, that I just called Dish Network and switched from the New York UPN affiliate to Boston’s so I wouldn’t be VMless until Sunday. Take that, NBA!


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  1. Ack. I still think it’s a terrible idea, but they’ve got even me feeling the Veronica/Logan thing, now. Ow. Ow. Ow.
    Thought the first half of this was awfully slow, but hooked me again at the end. What do we think Lucky (that was lucky, right?) was going to say?
    And _hee_ at the Lamb jokes.

  2. Oh, yes, the Lamb jokes were fabulous. And surprisingly heavy on the Jackie stuff in this episode; some shoe’s still going to drop on her.
    I think you’re probably right on the molestation angle, except it’s still a little obvious. And man, Kendall sure isn’t running scared, is she? And does she not realize he could return the hard drive while still having a copy? For that matter, he could give her an identical copy and keep it.
    I thought the Veronica/Logan stuff very well done too. And I’m actually really enjoying the set-up of Veronica being so ready to say goodbye to all of this and not see any of these people again and then, bam, you know a good portion of them will end up at Hearst — along with her. I’m guessing at this point that whatever happens in the finale causes her to have to stay close to home, one way or another.
    Next week looks great.

  3. I’m starting to think the molestation thing was a red herring . . . Woody’s motel shenanigans and Lucky’s oddness make me think, hm. Maybe this is a daddy thing? It would certainly be consistent with the show’s ethos.
    So not feeling the Jackie/Wallace thing, and actually quite icked out by the TMI hotel room scene. Tell me they had sex, fine. Show me, please god no. Also extremely annoyed by Jackie’s transformation into sweetness ‘n light. New theory: she blew up the bus.
    Logan/Veronica: so, so wrong, and yet, so very right. Except WHO gave V chlamydia? And who did they get it from? This is clearly going to tie into the big mystery somehow . . . Lucky to Meg to Duncan to V? Thuggy Fitz to Kendall to Duncan to V? I’m thinking it’s got to be sweet boring li’l Donut that’s the source.

  4. Considering that we’re only two episodes from the end of the series, this episode seemed far too concerned with setup. It also struck me as uneven – the stalking story wrapped up too soon, and the entire final act was concerned exclusively with the kids’ various pairings, which I found far less interesting (I second Dave re: Jackie and Wallace – that scene struck me as padding).
    It never occurred to me that the writers were seriously going to put Veronica and Logan back together this early in the game (and frankly, given that Logan hasn’t even started to work through his issues, I’d be very nervous to see them try). I’ve been waiting, therefore, for their burgeoning closeness to be stomped on, and the manner in which it was going to happen was pretty obvious and a little hackneyed. Jason Dohring really sold his drunken confession of love (and although her job was mostly to react, Kristen Bell also shone in that scene), but I was too frustrated with the predictability of the episode’s final scene to appreciate it (although, once again, the two actors brought their A game).

  5. Oh, I definitely agree on the Wallace/Jackie scene. It all just makes me think more that they want us to believe that Wallace is crushed when something terrible happens to her or she leaves. Well, there are more elegant ways to accomplish that!
    I also feel like the relationship stuff was a bit of throat clearing — get all that out of the way for the big finish.

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