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Fundacion_1 I started writing a new book a couple of weeks ago. It’s another YA and it’s called (for now, at least) Aztec Dance Tunes. I’m head-over-heels in love with it. With the idea and the characters and the research and how weird it is. I’m so in love with it, I don’t even feel guilty for setting aside Roanoke while I write it. Roanoke’s just not where my head is at right now. It’s in this other place instead.

I’m also trying to write it a bit more deliberately (though not snail’s pace) than I usually do for a first draft. I’m focusing on a chapter at a time, trying to do a chapter or two a week, and fine tuning what I’ve written for a couple of days before moving on. All the while figuring out the larger arcs in the book. And finding little scraps of plays and poems and songs, etc., to start out the various sections with. And reading lots of weird, interesting research material about all sorts of things that may or may not make it in.

Anyway, I often pick out a working soundtrack when I start a new project. I choose songs that capture the feeling or theme of certain incidents or moments I think will be in the book, or sometimes it’s a song that I associate with a character and what they’re experiencing in the book. It helps. Christopher’s work on digitizing our music has made it easier and even more fun this time. (BTW, thanks to all who have commented and sent tips for managing the library.)

Last night I burned my very first iTunes CD, which will serve as the initial soundtrack for writing this book (future playlists to come as needed). I thought I’d throw it up here, because I’m a little in love with all of these songs at the moment. If you were me you could totally see a book written between these lines:

The ADT Playlist

Mouthful Of Air / Catherine Wheel
Your Ghost / Kristin Hersh
Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft / Robert Pollard
Bucky Done Gun / M.I.A.
(I Was Born In A) Laundromat / Camper Van Beethoven
Galaxies / Laura Veirs
The Moon / Cat Power
Velvet Days / Kristin Hersh
Life Is But A Dream / Tanya Donelly
Monster Hospital / Metric
Service and Repair / Calexico
A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off / The Magnetic Fields
Low / Cracker
Season of the Witch / Luna
A King And A Queen / Okkervil River
Static On The Radio / Jim White
Wicked And Weird / Buck 65
We Could Send Letters / Aztec Camera
Humans From Earth / T-Bone Burnett
Run Devil Run / Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins*

(*Y’all managed to change my mind on this one; it’s just that one track that’s imitation Neko.)

13 thoughts on “Aztecy Goodness”

  1. This sounds title. Aztec Dance Tunes is the Best. Title. Ever., btw.
    And–weird–I just reviewed this. I have no idea whether it’s anything like your novel. Likely not, but it was amazing and very aztechy.

  2. Okay I’m going to weigh in on the title as well – if it’s anywhere close to what you want it to be, you should keep it. The title alone would make me pick this book up and you couldn’t ask for more from a reviewer (or reader).
    I also love the soundtrack idea. I pretty much listened nonstop to Loretta Lynn’s “Van Lear Rose” when I was doing the last few stories for the Alaska flying book – I have no idea why. I’m stuck without music right now for the YA book. I need to take an hour or so and put some together; I think it will help keep my momentum up.

  3. I actually love the title, but I wasn’t sure if it was a good title or I’m just crazy. So, thanks for the yes votes.
    A little piece of Aztec history kicks off the main story, but it’s not the main, main, main mythyness of the book. I’ll definitely pick up the Clindennen book though, because I do want to weave pieces of Aztecia throughout. (Yes, I know that’s not a word.)
    I’m also doing lots of research on ancient Greek magic (which is absolutely fascinating). And some on the Romany in America. It’s kind of a story I can go anywhere with, which is why I love it so.

  4. Here’s your friend CAAF to request that: A) I get to read a draft of the novel, please, please (so happy to hear you’re so excited with it, and yes, it’s a MARVELOUS title); and B) could I take you up on your offer of a mixed CD, and get a copy of this one? I’d love to take it with me to the goat and lavender farm.

  5. Absolutely! I’ll even make you another one. I want to hear all about the goats and the lavender when you return. That place just looks fab.

  6. I actually love the title, but I wasn’t sure if it was a good title or I’m just crazy. So, thanks for the yes votes.
    both! of course.

  7. You know i’m interested by this soundtrack for a book idea – I was going to blog about it today but got sucked into Naomi Wolf land again (responding to her response) but I think I will post tomorrow on the idea. I actually have an illustrated journal for my book – stuff I’ve seen in magazines, etc. that fit the mood or characters I’m writing about. I wonder who else does this kind of additions to their writing process?

  8. Add me to the list of people who think that’s a fantastic title.
    That’s a great mix; I’m glad to see you came around on the Jenny Lewis album.

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