"Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough"
Wednesday, 02.08.06

When all of the proceeds for the senior class trip disappear, Veronica must identify the thief among them and finds herself defending Jackie as accusations fly.

Jeffery Sams and Tina Majorino guest star.

(I loved this episode.)

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  1. I thought Ms. Hauser’s transition from grumpy and bitchy to evil and and a thief was a bit problematic, and the episode itself was packed (I think they could have eased up on Keith’s hero-worship of Cook, maybe slowed down the pace of the ep just a bit, and the end result would have been stronger) but those are my only real complaints.
    Dear God, but Logan can be charming when he wants to. Not that I’m not secretly still a Veronica/Logan shipper (not right now, obviously, but in some rosy future after he’s had a boatload of therapy), but it occurs to me that this kind of charm is just what he does with women – until he gets to know them and the relationship becomes even slightly imperfect, at which point he implodes and does a reasonably good impression of his father (in fact, the entire dynamic has the Aaron Echolls copyright mark all over it) – and it’s not at all special or remarkable that he was so tender with Veronica.
    Of course, when I went over to TWoP I came across the theory that Logan specifically targeted this girl because he knew she was the fake witness’ daughter, and went through a brief “No! He wouldn’t! (pause) Oh my God, he totally would” thing. Now I really don’t know what to think.
    So, Weevil is growing his hair out? I’m not sure I like it, or that I believe that he’s so perfectly willing to give up on the biker lifestyle that’s been part of his identity for so long.

  2. I enjoyed the storyline, and especially Jackie’s slow evolution into trusting Veronica more as her slick facade crumbles away. (Sorry Dave; I like Jackie.) But I wasn’t too keen on some of the dialogue. A lot of it felt over the top and cartoonish (especially around the thief teacher).
    Was Hannah’s (Princess’s) dad the fake witness? I didn’t recognise him, but if that’s him then Logan is totally targetting Hannah for that reason, and thank god, because otherwise their cheesy pubescent flirtation was godawfully painful to watch. First time I’ve ever wanted to fast-forward through scenes of this show. Logan did come on hard, and I wondered why. Sexual predator isn’t his style, but manipulative charm for hidden purpose totally is.

  3. Oh, I think Logan definitely knew who she was, and it made the whole painful (I agree with you on that, Karen) courtship thing pay off big, IMO. It’s also amazingly creepy.
    I still don’t like Jackie, because she spent too much time at the beginning of the season being a horrible person for no good reason. But, I do feel badly for her.
    I liked this episode SO much better than last week’s, because rather than being a caper story (“Which one of our clever plans will get Wallace out of trouble?”) it was wall-to-wall whodunit. That, to me, is where this show lives, and while I’ve seen some folks say they had it all figured out (Hi Chance!), I didn’t. Another reason that I was underwhelmed last week: while I like Wallace very much, I don’t think he’s got the chops to carry an episode.
    The show does have a tendency, however, to demonize anyone who doesn’t love Veronica and her friends. Which is problematic.
    Oh, one thing I was confused by; how did the Senior Trip end up getting switched back to Magic Mountain?

  4. With only $6,000 dollars left (the three recovered in Thumper’s locker and the stuff Ms. Hauser stole), they can’t afford to go to Catalina, so Magic Mountain it is.

  5. Yep; the remaining money paid for Weevil’s new car.
    I agree that Logan targeted Hannah because her father was the fake witness, but I was surprised that he let the father see him so soon. Isn’t the father going to tell Hannah that he saw Logan kill someone, and refuse to let her see him? If Logan had waited until his relationship with Hannah was stronger, he’d be in a better position.

  6. I had the same thought, Ted, but I’m not sure quite what Logan is up to. If he were planning to use Hannah to sneak into her house and find evidence, for example, it wouldn’t make sense to tip his hand this early in the game, but maybe his purpose is more general and primal a power play than that. I think there’s definitely an element of “I can get to you” in the way he let the fake witness see him, and how he made sure to let him see the overtly sexual kiss with Hannah. Logan seems confident that he can get this girl to be with him regardless of what her dad might tell her, and I think he’s right. And that’s a kind of threat in itself.

  7. I read it as a pure threat — “I can get to your daughter.”
    I think I might not have liked that storyline had I not been spoiled for it (and in fact most of this episode), but because I was I really enjoyed how the whole thing played out.

  8. Yeah, I agree that it was primarily a matter of putting the guy on notice, hoping to rattle him and perhaps draw him or the Fitzgeralds out. Still psychotic behavior, using the girl like that. But psycho-smart.

  9. For once, I wish I’d been spoiled! I adore Logan (I like ’em smart funny & psycho), and spent half this episode wondering what the hell he was doing with that sweet little girl and why we had to listen to him do it. Note to self: cautiously maintain faith in VM writers.

  10. Hi, I’m new around here so be nice…
    I was not spoiled for the ep and I found the Logan sedudction story to be a bit much (though JD is superb and I love watching him act no matter what) until I realized that Logan must have an ulterior motive. The show wants you to think this story is a bit sappy so that it makes you say, “I knew something was up with him” at the end of the hour. This is one reason to avoid spoilage. The ep two weeks ago did a similar thing with Veronica listening to sappy music (“How do you mend a broken heart…”) after her “breakup” with Duncan. Essentially it wants you to think it’s striking the wrong tone only to pull the twist that shows you it’s still cool after all and that you were right to be suspicious. One of many things to love about the Mars.

  11. Welcome, MZN. Absolutely — and I have to admit to only skimming said spoilers (when I first discover a show, I get obsessed with it; now I’ve slaked off on spoilerfication) so it was still highly enjoyable to see how things played out.
    While up to now I haven’t really liked Jackie, I have really liked the actress playing Jackie — so I’m a supporter of the way that’s going.
    It seems to me that essentially we will feel as an audience about someone however Veronica seems to feel.

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