And tonight’s ep is:

"Rashard And Wallace Go To White Castle." Wallace is forced to turn to Veronica for help when he is falsely named as the driver in a tragic hit-and-run accident.

So, not loving the storyline, but Wallace-heavy episode = happiness anyway.

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  1. I am actually really interested in tonight’s ep, even with that storyline, because I think this represents the beginning of the “consequences” phase of our ongoing moral ambiguity story.

  2. is this the white castle as romantic dinner date venue thing? you know, where they’re taking reservations?

  3. I really don’t want to like the baseball player’s daughter. I mean, I don’t like her, but I don’t want to be presented with reasons to like her.
    Overall, kind of an “ehh” episode for me. Outside of Weevil getting ousted, not much of interest going on.

  4. I thought this was a good one. The dialogue was so tight, the individual-episode plot (Wallace’s problem) was a good one, the overarcing plot moved forward in interesting ways. Weevil getting ousted is huge! I love Weevil, but he’s been in a fairly static position through the whole series; now he’s going to have to develop more as a character.
    It didn’t really occur to me until Logan said it at the bar, but when Duncan left last week without saying goodbye, Logan lost his best and only real friend. So far he’s lost his girlfriend, mother, father, girlfriend, home, best friend… been beaten to within an inch of his life… and he’s going to be on trial for murder. If they want to heap any more punishment on Logan he’s going to have to start having limbs fall off. I guess he’s still got his money.
    Google says the karaoke guy was Britt Daniel of Spoon. Cutiepie, but it looked to me like he was lipsyncing, and badly. Couldn’t they let him actually sing it live? He’s got a great voice, and it didn’t need to sound this polished for karaoke.

  5. I thought Veronica kicked ass in the episode — she was much more the Veronica of last season, or in other words, “single Veronica.” I loved the scene where Logan and Weevil ask her for help.
    I wish there’d been a real scene for Wallace to work here. It felt like we never really got to see him let go in this one.
    Speaking of Weevil… it’s going to be really interesting to see which way that’s headed. Based on Logan’s past history (his flip on Veronica once they had a personal connection), I could see he and Weevil having a real, odd friendship of sorts.

  6. Gwenda: I agree on all counts.
    Wanted to add a note on the karaoke thing: Pär just pointed out that after the show, they announced the song is on the VM soundtrack, so that explains its production value. Too bad cutiepie can’t lipsync worth a damn, but good song.

  7. I am Jack’s complete lack of coherent thought, except to say: yes. More like this, please. Even if the thing with Jackie was another cheat.

  8. I want my props. Way back in December, I said that Veronica’s issue for the season was a deep sense of ambiguity about her role as an instrument of justice, and then this episode when asked to list her worst sin, what does she do? Say that she can be overzealous in her pursuit of justice. I’m torn between the desire to see the show highlight this theme a little more – right now it’s showing up in the margins, clearly affecting Veronica’s behavior but completely unacknowledged – and being impressed by the fact that the writers trust us enough not to ram this huge character arc down our throats.
    I liked the episode a great deal, but the only coherent thin I can say about it is that I loved Jackie’s beaded top (and in fact the actress looked really good throughout the episode) and that Veronica looks so much nicer with her hair up, mimicking last season’s short look. Would somebody please take this girl to a hairdresser already?

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