OctaviaAs you’ve probably heard by now, Octavia Butler died yesterday. The reports available so far seem to indicate a stroke and a fall. An unexpected tragedy.

I’ve been avoiding the computron for the last two days (on dial-up no less) and found this out from Christopher this afternoon. I still can’t quite believe it.

UPDATED: Scott’s remembrance of Butler. And Jenny’s. Oh, and Moorer sums it all up, better than I could.
REUPDATED: A beautiful post by Ed, who is doing a great job catching other people’s posts.

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  1. Octavia Butler dies with too many stories untold

    In an accident that was frighteningly banal. Octavia Butler slipped and hit her head Friday afternoon and is no longer with us.
    For those of you not aware of Octavia Butlers groundbreaking work I think the best bet is for me to say; “Pre-emninent African-

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