Neb Nods (Updated & Again)

Sci Fi Wire has all the Nebula award nominees. There’s some great, great stuff on the lists in pretty much every category this year; let’s hope the great, great triumphs. I think it’s kind of fun that the Andre Norton Award nominees are all women:

Andre Norton Award: The Amethyst Road by Louise Spiegler, Siberia by Ann Halam, Stormwitch by Susan Vaught, Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie by Holly Black

I know nothing about any of the jury adds in this category (and am rooting for Holly because her book was BRILLIG and better than slithy tothes). Anyone read the others?

Update: As Abigail points out in the comments, this is news only to those of us who spent the last while with head inserted in sand. Still, who has the goods on the YA books?

Reupdated: Abigail gets her wish — "Singing My Sister Down" is now online here. (Via the ever award-worthy Ms. Lanagan.)

14 thoughts on “Neb Nods (Updated & Again)”

  1. See, when I read that SciFiWire ‘has the nominees’, I assumed you meant they had links to all the nominated stories (including Margo Lanagan’s “Singing My Sister Down”, at last count absent all over the interwebs). The nominees have been around forever (well, since Saturday, which is forever in internet time).
    You’re a tease, you are.

  2. BLACK JUICE is such an awesome book you should just go ahead and get the collection.
    That’s the plan, actually, but I’m definitely not going to find it in any bookstores here. I’ll be in the UK in mid-March, and I’m hoping to track it down there.

  3. Woo-hoo, thank you Chris! (And Gwenda too, who must be responsible for at least that many sales with all her promotional work on this blog.) Abigail, good idea to wait until the UK, because you get the extra story, eh. 11 for the price of 10.

  4. Thanks for the link to “Singing My Sister Down.” I’ve been incredibly remiss in picking up this collection (my b-day is in March, hint hint) and I’m very excited to read this.

  5. Stormwitch is excellent — Haitian girl moves to 1969 Louisiana to live with her grandmother just in time for Hurricane Camille. Culture clash, African mythology, civil rights movement — it all reinvigorates the basic YA fantasy template and makes you realize why that template is so very powerful. One of the best books I read last year.
    I liked Valiant and haven’t read the other two.

  6. I’ve read all four, and think they all rock. (But, having been on the jury, I’m just a tiny bit biased. 🙂 I’m really hoping folks dig these books up, even if they’re not eligible to vote for the award or don’t usually read YA–they’re all very much worth reading.

  7. SFWA members can still add Mr. Boots to next year’s ballot for another few months–until a year from when it was published. 🙂

  8. Janni –
    That’s not correct. The jury’s only operate in the calendar year of the award. (I was on the short fiction jury this year.) Mr. Boots cannot be added by the jury next year. (dunno why my comment turned up twice.)

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