Monday Hangovers

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  1. Agree on the Ford: post of the week, just for the humour. I’ll probably comment on the metaphysics today, but he deserves a beer or something for writing this bit:
    I’d had some practice at this kind of thing with panels at the conventions and conferences where I’d sit with a couple of other writers and editors and make believe I first, knew something about, and second, gave a shit, about something like Hard Science Fiction versus The Ghost Story. All I can think of when I’m on those panels is how many beers I’m not getting to drink, and my performances when involved with them can be classified as: “befuddled,” “bewildered,” “inchoate,” “they can smell that shit in Fresno.”

  2. Ha! We think alike. I actually emailed myself that paragraph in case I end up moderating the Death of the Panel panel at Wiscon this year.

  3. the jenny lewis is OK (you know its a free download at I like Rilo Kiley much better. Cat Power’s The Greatest (which came out the same day as JL) is MUCH better. I especially love the song The Moon….

  4. I loved the Jenny Lewis album. The cover reminds me of The Shining. Did you know the Watson Twins are from Louisville? And they have released an EP this month too.

  5. I like the Jenny Lewis album a lot (and as a devoted Rilo Kiley fan from way back, I’d say this is in the same ballpark in terms of quality). There are some really great tracks on it (though “The Big Guns” isn’t one of my favorites, I must say).
    I’ll have to listen to some Neko Case now.

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