Heart to Heart

gAntiv1. Dana’s collected some choice anti-Valentines from her friends over at #1HS. Her own is about a particularly noxious college neighbor:

My neighbor in college–a girl from the bayous named (I shit you not) Katrina–would appear on my doorstep daily, Schneider-like, to bend my ear, always with terrible news. Sometimes it was because she had rescued half-dead cats. Sometimes it was because the half-dead cats had peed on her bed.

Dobler2. The fabulous Hank Stuever has a piece about Lloyd Dobler:

Heaps of devotional words have been written about Lloyd Dobler. The early stages of a popularized Internet seemed to exist for people to make Lloyd Dobler references, and Lloyd Dobler tribute pages that linger ("Last updated on July 1, 1997"). There’s a fairly successful Wheaton-based band called the Lloyd Dobler Effect, which has toured forever. (Sadly, a Hootie and the Blowfish comparison in a review of the Lloyd Dobler Effect’s work prevents us from going any further.)

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