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You’ve Been Gilmored. Emily (Kelly Bishop) tells Lorelai (Lauren Graham) that she’d like to get to know her future son-in-law better and asks her to invite Luke (Scott Patterson) over for dinner. Wanting to avoid an argument, Lorelai purposely fails to mention that the wedding has been postponed. The Yale Daily News staff finally fires Paris (Liza Weil) and chooses Rory (Alexis Bledel) to be the new editor. A furious Paris kicks Rory out of the apartment, and Rory has no idea where she is going to go until Logan (Matt Czuchry) convinces her to move into his apartment. When Rory gives Christopher (David Sutcliffe) a tour of Yale, he learns of the new living arrangement and tells Lorelai. Edward Herrmann and Yanic Truesdale also star.

The episode was written by Jordan Nardino and directed by Stephen Clancy.

Updated: Knower of all things Rosebudsy Richard says that there will be a Rosebuds song on tonight’s episode. Things are looking up already.

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  1. It continues to be interesting to watch Rory live out the life that Lorelai could have had. I think they’re making the Christopher/Logan parallels believably close while maintaining both characters’ integrity, though I always saw Christopher as a little more of a dork (i.e. less strut, more fun) than big-man-on-campus Logan.
    Anyway, yay, Rory’s running the newspaper!

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