Tuesday Hangovers

"In and Out"

The dog searches until he finds me
upstairs, lies down with a clatter
of elbows, puts his head on my foot.

Sometimes the sound of his breathing
saves my life — in and out, in
and out; a pause, a long sigh . . .

Jane Kenyon

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. this year is set to be the biggest year for hipster artistic fervor ever
    And the Donnie Darko guy’s got a new film out as well, I believe.

  2. Oh I loved the Faery Handbag. Cool for Kelly!
    Yet Hollywood will probably do something equally strange to it as well. Like they do to everything. ie. Europe – Blood and Chocolate.
    I’m worried about what spielberg is going to do to Tin Tin.

  3. Me too, Cecil. So many ways that could go wrong. (Tin Tin = ET?)
    Hey Shana, I am most definitely not … okay, yeah, I’m weird.

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