Happy New Year’s Eve!

This seems an inauspicious post to make as the first of a new year, but ha! I’ve decided that TODAY is our New Year’s Eve, since I felt entirely too crappy yesterday to celebrate. So that means it’s technically not the first post of aught-six, now doesn’t it?

Yes, I finally gave in and went to the doctor — not girl or boy, fish or fowl, martian death cold or the beginnings of bird flu but SINUS INFECTION, it turns out. At least I got antibiotics and loopy-making pills that seem to be helping. Of course, on the not so pleasant side effect tip is that Christopher’s picking up the original cold that started all this. It’s a vicious, as they say, cyclotron. But. We’re getting dressed up in our pajamas for a New Year’s party here in a bit (where we will be the only hangover-free people, likely, natch — this postponement celebration thing has many benefits), where we will eat, drink and be merry.

And my head WILL clear enough to get some writing done, because it has to. There’s always tomorrow. Which will be the first official day of the new year according to the Shaken & Stirred calendar. Got it?

In like a lion.

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