You’re Invited to a Wake

Dave Schwartz has launched The ED SF Project to celebrate SciFiction:

SciFiction is ending after five and a half years of great fiction. I don’t think we should let this go without, at the very least, showing our appreciation for the site and the work Ellen Datlow and so many talented writers have done.

Here’s my idea.

By my count there are 320  stories archived at the site. I’m willing to bet that there are that many SF writers/critics/fans/what have you who have some sort of presence on the web. So I’m thinking, let’s all of us write an appreciation of one of the stories.

It doesn’t need to be something long — it could be a few paragraphs, or it could be in-depth; it could be a critical analysis or just a reaction to the story. Just something that focuses on the fiction and shows how much impact the site has had. Remember, this is an appreciation. A celebration. Pick a story you love, or discover a new one by reading through the archives. Discover for yourself just what we’re losing. Then let’s give it the best sendoff possible.

Claim a story in the comments at the site; first come, first serve. I’ll be writing about John Kessel’s fabulous "It’s All True."

You need to be a part of this, trust me — even if you never really followed the site, discover something, read a story you wouldn’t otherwise and write about it. If you did follow it, make a tough choice and tell the rest of us why. See you there, unless you’re a big old L7.

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