This week looks like a good one, especially in terms of cameolove:

Rat Saw God. With Aaron Echolls facing trial for Lilly’s murder, the previously accused Abel Koontz appears to enlist Veronica’s help in finding his missing daughter Amelia. Joss Whedon and Harry Hamlin guest star.

See you later. (I’m now forced to associate Abel Koontz and Dean Koontz, thinking "Mr Teriyak!" whenever I see their names. Very disturbing.)

3 thoughts on “VeronicaMarsTalk”

  1. Oh, yeah, absolutely! Duncan is even a little creepy about it (but, hell, he’s creepy in general — kind of like a robot). That was one of my favorite parts of a Very Fine Episode.
    I love the darker turn with Keith too.

  2. That was excellent. I actually gasped when Veronica found the you-know-what in the you-know-where.
    But the best scene, hands down, was Logan’s lineup acceptance speech. It was so funny and yet at the same time so very, very scary. Do you think he knows how deeply messed up he is?

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