Sunday Hangovers

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  1. I just finished Paul’s book also for a review I’ll be writing for Bookslut – I’m a little surprised by Jenny’s review. Maybe she was constrained by space, but it seems so trite to just mention a couple of the more lurid bits about skulls and bones and leave out the massive amount of research that Paul must have done to write this book. She also makes it sound like he didn’t travel anywhere in the process which is not true – he is all over the place in the book, visiting every place critical to the life and “afterlife” of Paine. I thought the book was fantastic, and for any fan of history, it’s a perfect choice.

  2. I had 300 words, I think, which is pretty tight. But I really liked the book too, and am sorry if that doesn’t come across in the review! Here’s what I wrote on my blog when I linked to the Voice review: “I thought it was excellent (give me this kind of founding-father book over David McCullough’s any day); it would make a good holiday present for someone who likes reading smart funny non-fiction with a historical bent. Highly recommended.”

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