NaDruWriNi No. 1, or Where Am I?

AdvmapSo, we had some early dinner guests and figured out how to hook up one of those Atari joysticks with seven or eight games from the 2600 era. That’s right: I’ve been playing Adventure. (Which contains the first ever Easter Egg. Not to mention the Bat. And the best duck-like dragons ever.)

NaDruWriNi will officially begin just as soon as we’re sick of playing. Luckily, Ed, Pinky and apparently many other participants are on the West Coast. But I’m having a glass of wine in preparation.


Nadruwrini2_2I must confess that I may actually end up laming up the place this year. I’m tired, have a little bit of a head cold and had planned to just work on the revision. I suppose I could stick up the first chapter of the novel, but instead I may just malaize (it’s my word!) on the couch commenting on the efforts of others and such. We’ll see. Adventure!

7 thoughts on “NaDruWriNi No. 1, or Where Am I?”

  1. Hey, Gwenda, while I still have a few brain cells and typing skills, did you ever read Richard Powers’ “Galatea 2.2?” There’s a fantastic chapter in there that deals with nothing BUT “Adventure” and is one of the few pieces of fiction that not only gets the geek thing right w/r/t video games, but also portrays Adventure in cultural and cerebral terms.

  2. Red was scary! I finally know why. Because it was the only one who went at the same speed as the Hero. And Yellow was afraid of the white key apparently.

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