Field Trip

Dscf0065We took advantage of some unbelievably lovely weather and a pending homework assignment (on C’s part) today to visit Blue Licks State Park and the fabulous Pioneer Museum. Christopher has a scene-setting post. I have to tell you that the museum is A Land That Time Forgot and full of really weird things*. I took pictures of most of them.

Go see in the Ye Olde Museum Day photo album.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to snap the little old lady who was staffing the place — who gave us some extremely cursory facts about the place and was very concerned that we might miss the basement — napping peacefully in a chair in the gift shop. (Full disclosure: Yes, there was a moment when I thought she might be dead. But I swear I didn’t even think of taking a photo until I heard her breathing.) She woke up with some chagrin, spouting something about Daniel Boone at Christopher.

Oh, and if you’re into giant sloths, there’s something special for you.

*Not said lightly.

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