VeronicaMarsTalk, Oopsie Edition

Due to downed connections and nonfiring synapses, I forgot the Veronica Mars post yesterday. Even though the episode was kick ass! Please back date accordingly.

p.s. No new episode for two weeks?

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  1. I’ve already said a bit about my thoughts on this episode (and the beginning of the second season in general) on my own blog, so I’ll just repeat here that I was hesitant about dragging Wallace into the show’s ‘growing up as an investigation’ metaphor, but this episode made a believer out of me. Percy Daggs III hit this one out of the park, and the writers gave him meaty stuff to work with (his serious scenes were a pleasure to watch, but his performance of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” was also sweet).
    I loved that Wallace finally called Veronica on her attitude towards their friendship, but I’m his forever for the fact that he then turned around and chewed Jackie out for that nasty prank.
    The actress who played Jackie had a nice moment while she and Wallace were watching the psychic’s show. When the psychic mentions Lilly, there’s an ‘oh, fuck’ expression that flits across her face and is quickly dismissed.
    You know, I’m not quite sure where Keith gets the nerve to tell Alicia off for not telling Wallace who his father was, given that he did pretty much the same thing. Or maybe that’s the point – he’s speaking from experience.
    And, on a shallow note, what the hell was up with that godawful red sweater Logan was wearing in his first conversation with Duncan? (I like that those two are talking again, and the typically teenage way they settled their argument, at least for now, by not talking about it.)

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