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Green-Eyed Monster. While dealing with her own relationship issues, Veronica helps a young woman discern her new fiancé’s intentions by posing as a sexy, available coed.

I"m almost tempted to stop watching new episodes until we’ve seen all season 1. Almost. Not quite.

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  1. Great episode, with an annoying A-story that is ignorable in the face of the goodness packed into everything else.
    I _really_ dislike Wallace’s rich girl.
    Wallace’s brother exists again!
    Keith Mars is the man. Every time he shows Veronica that she’s not as smart as she thinks she is I love it. (Also love her reaction to the knock on Duncan’s door)
    “The only way I’d ever make two grand in a week at the Hut, is if they installed a pole.”
    “Dirty Co-eds ‘R’ Us”
    “Dim sum… and then some”
    “Yes to costumes, no to props”
    “Do you leave heroin out when Iggy Pop stays the night?”
    And, of course, the Logan scene at the end was awesome.
    I think we all saw the big closing reveal coming, but that will certainly open up some interesting storylines.

  2. First and foremost, they better not take Wallace away from my TV show or there will be trouble.
    They also better not make this a “2 episodes and out” kind of revelation. Not that they have been tending to do this but I am wary.
    Good solid episode I thought. Not as good as last week, but it’s good to see them back on their stride.
    (Hee about Wallace’s baby brother – I had totally forgotten about him.)
    Good banter as Mr McLaren highlights above. And yay for the return of Mac. And yay for Veronica being back at the Mars agency.
    I like the development of Meg and her controlling parents, though I didn’t really buy into her sister bringing the laptop over to Duncan. Clearly there is going to be some convenient information to impart. So it better be good.
    Special ANTM Bonus: OMG she stole my secrit! (And wow Jayla took her bitch gloves off, didn’t she.)
    But ok, Lisa, she needs to go now. Just like the bulimic Cassie, I don’t want to watch people self destruct for real on TV. It interferes with my mocking.

  3. I thought this was an excellent episode, and I especially appreciated Veronica being faced with the limits of her abilities and with her hubris – it’s something that really needed to happen.
    Gwenda, since you obviously know who Lilly’s killer is, and it’s unlikely that the second season episodes will spoil the resolutions of the first season’s minor mysteries (particularly the rape), I don’t see any reason to delay watching the new episodes.

  4. So how was it that Keith Mars discovered only the drug-dealer cover identity, while doofus Sheriff Lamb discovered the police-detective identity?

  5. Perhaps his other identity is an undercover one and so only a cop could access his real credentials? (Or would be showed them by the guy after an attempt to apprehend.)
    I thought this was a good episode, and I can’t wait to see Veronica and Wallace’s girlfriend have their inevitable run-in.
    We’re about halfway through season 1 and it just keeps getting better.

  6. You should just block out some time to watch the second half of the season because you aren’t going to be able to stop. 🙂

  7. Oh – and I think Keith Marsh wasn’t actually trying very hard. Based on what Wallace’s mom told him, he found exactly what he was expecting and didn’t dig deeper.

  8. Didn’t Lamb say he found out the cop’s identity with one phone call? I’m pretty sure there’s no database of undercover cops, and that Lamb didn’t actually try to apprehend the guy. Keith, on the other hand, actually talked to the guy. That would have been a perfect opportunity for the cop to reveal his identity.
    Not that this is a major problem with the episode. But I did go “What?” while watching it.

  9. We are all caught up, and I can join the discussion. (Thanks for the DVDs, Chance!) I am obsessed. But my question is WHY do Duncan and Veronica have to be touching all the time? It is all so very wrong, wrong, wrong. They are creepy and wrong together.
    Expect much more of this brand of sophisticated commentary in future. That is all.

  10. I think I was being unclear — I’m jumping through hoops because I expect it to make sense but you’re right, it shouldn’t be this hard.
    What I meant was that the databases Papa Mars looked at would show the cover story only — not that the guy was a cop. (I’d think it’s pretty common for police to build a phony background for the alias identity; Lamb actually says Carl Morgan aka Real Name, who is the decorated cop.) I took Lamb’s comment to mean that he called to let the Chicago PD know he was going to apprehend the guy and was told not to, this is really, etc. Which is actually the real break in logic (if my gymnastics match the implied logic); they might tell him to back off, but they probably wouldn’t give him the guy’s background as a decorated cop.
    And yes, Dave, it’s disgusting when Logan and Duncan so obviously want each other!

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