And this week’s it’s:

Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang. Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas believes that his sexy stepmother Kendall is cheating on his father, so he hires Veronica to investigate the situation, but neither are prepared for what they find.

I’m sure this is going somewhere less obvious than it sounds. See you later, kiddoos.

(And the season 1 box set is on its way, yay!)


10 thoughts on “VeronicaMarsTalk”

  1. I love unicorns.
    Now this episode, save the long Nazareth karaoke interlude, explains the fuss.*
    *Of course, based on my recent track record, you hipster-in-since-the-beginning-types will hate this one.
    p.p.s. Why don’t the rich boys just get a room?

  2. //Why don’t the rich boys just get a room?//
    This hipster-in-since-the-beginning-type didn’t mind this episode at all (save for karaoke) and thinks you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    I am especially intrigued at the unexpected plotline with Wallace’s mom.

  3. Really liked this episode. All the Casablancas stuff will have some nice long term ripples – how much is Dick going to hate Veronica now? (and poor Beav!)
    I think Duncan has way more chemistry with Logan than he ever has with Veronica. I think they are planning on making him gay. (OK, probably not, but a girl can hope)
    So I assume that guy is Wallace’s dad. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with the way it played out – Wallace’s mom clearly was worried about seeing him there – it would have been so easy to beg off going there – she had days to think of an excuse! Still, I like the development here.
    Special ANTM aside: How cool was it that Janice made Lisa cry? That is so what is missing this year. (And I loved the face lift snark about her, too.)

  4. ANTM: Why, oh why, America’s Next Top, do you not understand why the “plus size girls” lose their “plus size personality” when they start comparing their looks to the women they’ve always been taught were beautiful every day?
    In other news, Janice is a great direction-giver. It was kind of shocking. Best Kim-ism “I’m totally good at math!” Everyone should start hating each other more, that shit is great.
    Veronica: Okay, I am real new to this whole Veronica Mars thing, but I am already bored by her boy toys. They should make HER gay.

  5. I would be in favor of a gay Veronica if they gave her a suitably awesome girlfriend. maybe a teacher.
    ANTM: Really, after the crap they pulled with Toccara with the clothes that didn’t fit and the frumpy outfits when everyone else got to be dead sexy they should have just stopped. (Of course they do the same crap to the shorter girls, though really only Jenacia fell for it.) They know the “plus sized girl” isn’t going to win, so just give it up.

  6. Okay, so we watched the first three episodes of season 1 tonight. I was more than a little surprised how heavily the love life figures in there too, but agree with the rest of you that the balance this season is just hugely off.
    Anyway, Duncan’s much more interesting when he’s having bad dreams. I hope he doesn’t turn into Dark Willow from taking those pills. (I kid.)
    ANTM: more hate, yes. It’s really too bad that they broke the beauty queen’s spirit so quickly. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for Lisa, because you know she is completely insane and I think it’s hilarious the way she can’t stop from picking at the other girls (and yes, Janice making her cry was golden). Boo on the sexiest girl by far going home this week — and she could so take those judges.

  7. I thought this week’s episode was a welcome return to form. I particularly loved Veronica’s exchange with Lamb in the teaser (those two play so well opposite each other) and the business teacher (although I thought the writers laid it on a little thick towards the end). Logan and Duncan finally getting their issues out in the open was also very welcome (I can’t believe, however, that Logan didn’t take down those posters of Aaron).
    I didn’t know quite what to make of Jackie last week, but I think we can all agree that trashing Pride and Prejudice is an unequivocal sign that she’s evil. Also, am I crazy or is the show suggesting a possible romance between Veronica and Wallace?

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