Monday Hangovers

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  1. That really is a bizarre little article. So dealing with “geeks” is a necessary evil? I’m not sure, though, if it’s Itzkoff creating that little nugget or if Braga and company are really wanting to distance themselves from SF.
    I like “Threshold,” but the writing is probably the least of the reasons why. Number one is the cast, who–with the exception of the bohunk and, sadly, Charles S. Dutton, who’s been giving little to do but be grumpy at everyone–really make the characters live. Dinklage is the bomb.

  2. The fact that anyone can still listen to Brannon Braga talk about SF on television without punching his lights out is frankly baffling to me.
    Also, what’s geeky about being a champion fencer?

  3. By the way, you’re kidding about Dr. Shrinker, right? I will never forget that show, or the cheesy theme song. “Dr. Shrinker, Dr. Shrinker, he’s a madman with an evil mind . . .”

  4. Just reading the post got the theme rolling in my headm just like Dave. It was a much better theme song than the one Electra Women and Dyna Girl had. I vaguely remember finding Dr. Shrinker scary but Sigmund’s brothers were even scarier. Ah the Krofft Super Hour…

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