Destroy This Sweater

Le Cineclub (aka Emma Garman and Lauren Cerand) on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang:

Lauren: It was a very "boyish" film.  Everything was cute in a too-clever way that men can get away with, especially men who make films for a living in Hollywood.

Emma: Yes.  There was even – dare I say it – some spiritual resemblance to Wedding Crashers.

Lauren: Yeah – kind of! Like it’s funny that the film keeps unraveling. Yet like Weezer, the film dares you to destroy its sweater by pointing out all of its many defects.

Emma: Yes! It’s this knowing nod to the audience: "We know you’re already too smart to suspend your disbelief!  Let’s all play together!"

And lots more where that came from… And four out of five peonies. Definitely seeing this one.

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