Good News & Bad

Well, besides the good news that my mom’s taking us to see Loretta Lynn later in the fall (if she does "Fist City," I’ll be in heaven — "But the man I love, when he picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage caaaaan"), my contact lenses finally came in.

In lesser news, we will not be at World Fantasy after all (unless, of course, a wealthy benefactor steps forward; anyone?) due to an unexpected and HUGE auto repair bill. This makes me very sad. (Come for Thanksgiving!)

I also got an email today about a distantly related stranger’s unfortunate accident, which I will quote from here because I’m a really bad person: He will be buried on his birthday, Friday, would have been nineteen. Tragic.  Lived in New Jersey.

So, see, it could be much, much worse than $900 for a fuel pump and some brake stuff.

5 thoughts on “Good News & Bad”

  1. No fair!
    I bet she’ll do “Fist City.” She did it when I saw her this summer. She also did “The Pill,” which was awesome but also incongruous next to her comments about bringing prayer back into the schools. Still love her.

  2. I would like to say that I just today was faced with an unexpected auto repair bill (Pf $1150CAN, which is still a little less than what you paid I think, unless GWB has messed up your currency more than I think he has).
    What? Is Mercury in retrograde or something?

  3. I think Mercury RX was last month. I’m hoping that means that everything else will behave itself.
    And yes, very sad on the no Madison in fall. Very sad indeed.

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