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What do I care if people are looking over my shoulder? Tonight’s ep:

Welcome to the Doll House. Richard (Edward Herrmann) tries to get information from Logan (Matt Czuchry) about Rory’s (Alexis Bledel) future plans, but Logan mistakenly thinksthat Richard is asking when the two of them plan to marry. Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is in favor of Taylor’s (Michael Winters) plan to change all the Stars Hollow street names back to their original historic names, until she learns that the street where the Dragonfly Inn is located was once known by a disgusting name. Rory makes a surprising confession to Logan. Richard finally faces the fact that he should never have let Rory drop out of Yale, and shows up at Lorelai’s house to talk things over. Jackson Douglas directed the episode written by Keith Eisner.

Hmmm, another non-Sherman-Palladino ep.

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  1. Important Future Episode news (from the washington post)
    “Madeleine Albright is guest-starring on “The Gilmore Girls.”
    She will be playing herself.
    In a red power suit.
    In the home of Rory Gilmore and her mom, Lorelai.
    In Stars Hollow, Conn.
    Chatting very briefly with Rory, who looks up to Albright as a role model.
    Possibly a dream sequence.”

  2. I liked this one–also worth noting that this is the first episode all season where I didn’t have even a single moment of thinking that Luke and Lorelai are totally never going to get married. But I really loved Richard and Emily in this one. Emily’s perfectly happy to have Rory doing exactly what she’s doing, and Richard is slowly and quietly starting to freak out.

  3. A good solid episode, and we’re getting back into some juicy family-dynamics stuff, which is always fun on this show. I’m getting curious about how Rory does spend her spare hours… was that just Richard being clueless or is she really spending a lot of time doing mysterious things alone in the pool house? Wouldn’t it be cool if she were secretly writing a novel or something? But alas, it’s probably just that she’s screwing around with Logan and retreating to get some privacy… Kind of interesting to see her (in her own Roryish way) picking up where Lorelai left off in the Gilmore household, and in response to many of the same combinations of pressure and distance from Emily and Richard.

  4. What you guys said (and sorry to be so late — busy week which closed out with three days of funeral stuff).
    I think she’s just screwing around. I found the implication that she hasn’t been reading extremely disturbing. That just doesn’t seem like Rory. Even if she thinks she’s no longer going to be a journalist, that wouldn’t X out her love of reading. (Plus, being well read is in no way a requirement for being a member of the media.)
    I’m ready for the family and Lorelai to have more scenes together. I liked this ep, but in many ways it felt like killing time to get to the final moment where Richard comes to Lorelai.
    I also loved the Birkin thing, but only knew what it was because of Sex and the City and Martha Stewart’s jail time. Christopher could not believe it when I dug up how much they cost online — and I do feel like Rory should google the damn thing and donate it to charity or something!

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