FITT Alert

Anne at the Vertical blog is back with a fabulous new edition of the Finger In The Throat (FITT) report, this time tearing into Marlon Brando’s posthumous novel Fan Tan (written with the help of Donald Cammell). It hurts so good:

Then, there’s the way Asian men look, very important, of course:

"In many Chinese faces there was a frightening cast to the skull. To Annie, the fashion in which the eyeballs nestled in their slots (just say it Brando, say "slits"!!!), protected by bone, suggested the priorities of survival and the inevitability of violence." (Later today on Judge Judy: "Your Honor, I killed him because I gots me these small little eyes stuck in the deep in my head-slots! It’s a natural priority!")

And because this makes me laugh even harder:

Well, if it weren’t enough that Chinese men have no smiling flex points in their facial skin, a lot of them are also dwarves:

"The coolie pointed out how large and heavy Annie was, and Annie kept agreeing, asking if the rickshaw man had ever offered a rebate to a small person – a dwarf, say, of which there have always been many in China."

Read the rest. Guarantee you’ll get the "high" points of Fan Tan.

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