Tuesday Hangovers

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. I’ve decided to enjoy the spacey goodness of BG and not worry about plot holse you can drive a truck through anymore.

  2. I find myself sitting there giving the TV advice: “Call Roslin and have her demote the Admiral!” But I guess it’s a good sign that I get involved enough to talk back. It’s like watching sports.

  3. Not that Galactica doesn’t have its share of plot holes (the three or four whoppers I mentioned in my post are only the most glaring ones), but I don’t think Roslin’s absence in the second half of the episode is one of them. Events unfold very quickly towards the end of the hour – Tyrol and Helo’s arrest and sentencing don’t take long enough for Apolo to get to the Cylon fleet. I imagine that Adama would have gone to Roslin if he’d had more time, but before he knew Tyrol and Helo had been sentenced to death he was still hoping to smooth things over with Cain and maintain the chain of command, and after he found out about their sentence he rather accurately surmised that Roslin’s opinion would have zero effect on Cain.

  4. I don’t actually mean so much her physical presence — I mean that I find it impossible to believe she would just disappear with this new authority figure showing up, with the Destination Earth plan in jeopardy maybe because of that and the clock ticking (supposedly) on her life. I don’t buy her letting the Admiral get away with “not returning her calls.” I just don’t buy her disengaging from the main story in this episode — I don’t understand what else she could possibly be doing. Someone would surely call her once they killed the guy rescuing Sharon.

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