Reading List

A complete list of my books, with reading order where needed. 

Callie & Luke Rom-Com Duology
Not Your Average Hot Guy, book one 
The Date from Hell, book two

The Youngbloods, novella trilogy with Kami Garcia and Sam Humphries (Forthcoming)

Mr. & Mrs. Witch (Forthcoming)
Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds
Dead Air: Scripted Podcast/Serial with Carrie Ryan and Rachel Caine
Strange Alchemy/Blackwood
The Woken Gods

Cirque American trilogy (pronounced Cirque Americ-ahn)
Girl on a Wire, book one
Girl Over Paris, book two, graphic novel
Girl in the Shadows, book three*

*These are also designed to standalone and can technically be read in any order

Lois Lane trilogy:
Fallout, book one
Double Down, book two
Triple Threat, book three

Supernormal Sleuthing Service, middle grade series with Christopher Rowe
The Lost Legacy, book one
The Sphinx’s Secret, book two

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