Secret Project, Clue The First (!)

This week the fabulous team at Switch Press/Capstone will be posting some visual teasers for what I have been obnoxiously referring to as Secret Project for months, leading up to the cover reveal. I can tell you this is an iconic character–definitely someone you know. Here's the first hint!


I think it's probably clear why it was secret (psst, look around the edges) — and why I'm so excited about it that I couldn't help but be obnoxious. I'll bet some of you — especially comics fans — can figure it out just from this.

Also: yes, it's a young adult novel(!). And the entire project has been so much fun, particularly working with my editor, the divine Beth Brezenoff, and DC.

Follow the Switch Press accounts to be sure and get the rest of the skinny and I'll be updating here as well. Extra points for sharing:

Yay! Because keeping secrets is hard.

ETA: I love you guys. Truly. How quickly you sleuthed the facts.

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  1. kelly Barnhill

    I LOVE it that you’ve been working with Beth! She is good people.


    I have ADORED working with her — she’s just fabulous.

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