New Girl Reviews

GoaWI dropped these elsewhere already, but I like to keep things where they're easier to find (aka here). So! A couple of nice new reviews of Girl on a Wire that made me happy and also have a little swoon at how soon this book will be out and y'all can read it. I can't wait to find out what you think. 

Booklist Online sayeth:

"With a skillful blend of modern-day circus tales, classically ill-fated love, and mystery, Bond gives readers scenes from the wire that will make them sweat alongside Jules as she steps out with no net, and teens will thrill to Jules’ adventures as the Princess of the Air."

And Publishers Weekly:

"The circus and its theatrical characters provide a fresh, vibrant backdrop as author and PW contributor Bond (Blackwood) impressively describes a range of circus performances, while threading enticing slivers of magic and romance into her story. It’s a fascinating and enjoyable foray into circus life as seen through the eyes of an ambitious and talented performer."

Plots and plans are happening for the fall and the words "sideshow performers" may have been uttered in relation to launch party: nothing set yet, but developing.

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