Desperately Seeking Picture Book

I want to look up a  picture book I loved as a kid, but can't remember–for the life of me–what it was called. Googling and searching the children's book database by keyword aren't helping. I should say that I have no idea if it was actually any good or not, but I was semi-obsessed with it anyway.

The book is about a little girl (with red hair and possibly a blue nightgown in the illos) who has a fever and is very sick. She dreams various adventures on which she's accompanied by her stuffed animals/toys, and the events correspond to changes in her condition in the awake world. One of the companions was a bear with a cart, I believe. And, of course, at the end the fever breaks and all is well. Anyone know it?

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  1. Wendy

    Have you tried They have a section just for children’s books, and the reference folks who moderate are pretty good. Plus you can read other people’s questions/searches and try to answer them.
    It helps if you can roughly estimate when the book came out, too.

  2. Gwenda

    Whatsthatbook — I’d completely forgotten it existed. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll try there.

  3. Amy

    If you haven’t visited Loganberry Books yet, the website has a forum where you can describe a children’s book, and others chime in if they know the title:

  4. Stephany Aulenback

    I don’t know it, but it sounds great.

  5. Stephany Aulenback

    I don’t know it, but it sounds great.

  6. Juma

    Were the pictures photographs instead of illustrations?

  7. Gwenda

    No, they were illustrations.

  8. Mollie

    Gwenda…did you ever find the book? I happened upon your blog while carry out the very same search! I, too, was quite enamored with this book as a kid and absolutely cannot recall any info about the title, author, etc. Similarly, Googling has brought me nothing…any word?

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