Bicycles at Dawn

WTF?  Dude, get over yourself.

7 Responses to “Bicycles at Dawn”

  1. chance

    Oh dear lord.

  2. Christopher

    Wow, are all five pages like that? It’s kind of schizoid–in my favorite Californian writer’s usage–that he’s obviously trying to build up his rep by writing a “these little fuckers that tear me down” piece that’s kinda architecturally dependent on the readers lending the, um, bad guy(?) more “potency” than our hero wants the pitiful little nobody to have (our hero’s powers of reasoning may be worn down by all those grim years fighting for truth in a mediated age). Hah! How’s _that_ for a convoluted sentence? I’ll give the guy this, it’s a lot more cleanly written than the similar pieces I wrote about the National Honor Society kids in my high school journal (not you Russ!).

  3. gwenda

    Your favorite Californian writer? Are you talking about Karen or Stan?
    Russ, he is totally talking about YOU!

  4. Christopher

    PKD! Karen and Stan would never use “schizoid” incorrectly.

  5. gwenda

    How can you prefer PKD to Karen or Stan?

  6. Christopher

    I neglected to say that I was speaking of my favorite _dead_ Californian writer.

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