The Youngbloods: Blood Lust

The Youngbloods are back with more sinister suspense, dark humor, and romance. Don’t miss the second book in a new serial novella trilogy featuring an unforgettable family of antiheroes.

The Youngbloods are a dysfunctional family from hell—literally. The mafia-like demon family got stranded on Earth during an infernal invasion gone wrong and have spent eons maintaining a fragile peace. But Petra Youngblood has strained the family bonds by breaking a cardinal rule: falling in love with a human. And not just any human: the sacrifice required to keep her family immortal. Even worse, the sacrifice, Killian Irons, is part of the secret society hell-bent on killing her family.

Now Petra’s love affair has thrown the Youngbloods into chaos, creating clashes that pit parent against child and sibling against sibling. Making matters worse, Killian’s secret society has kidnapped the family matriarch, Ora Youngblood. Forced to decide between Killian’s life and her family’s existence, what will Petra choose? And can she trust him not to betray her?