Wednesday Hangovers

  • Total-film-magazine-4367-a-1389784791-470-75Circus daredevil book copy edits to do and second half of secret project to write and etcetera, oh my! A busy week here, so some links, and hopefully a real entry later on this week–probably about how our first couple weeks of VB6 have been going. 
  • First up is a cool promotion that Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry is doing with Total Film magazine this month, highlighting some of their books that were optioned for TV and movies. Snag a copy of the print magazine or pick up an electronic copy and find out how to download free e-books of mine own Blackwood, Ramez Naam's Nexus, and Richard Parker's Scare Me. Details at the SC blog or just go buy the magazine here.
  • Courtney Milan writing smartly as usual about the book business, this time taking on print sales for historical romances. Lots here applicable to other genres as well.
  • Merrill Markoe's "How I Stopped Procrastinating" in the NYT: "Here’s what I learned: First thing in the morning, before I have drowned myself in coffee, while I still have that sleepy brain I used to believe was useless — that is the best brain for creative writing. Words come pouring out easily while my head still feels as if it is full of ground fog, wrapped in flannel and gauze, and surrounded by a hive of humming, velvety sleep bees." I have found this to be a surefire cure if I'm having trouble, and my best first draft groove.
  • The expanded universe as gateway at io9.
  • I love it when Austin Kleon posts a good old-fashioned blog entry: "A good spaceship for time travel."
  • Kevin Brockmeier's "Dead Last Is a Kind of Second Place" at the Georgia Review.
  • The classic paintings come alive thing is utterly. magical.
  • Chuck Wendig guest posts on why he doesn't guest post much. Sensible! Because, if you have to do a lot, as is frequently asked of authors: It. Is. So. Time. Consuming. I think my new policy is going to be that I'll only do interviews and actual essays that I feel would be worth people's time to read, in places that make sense. Most of the blogs I read regularly–with the exception of Chuck's, Scalzi's, and a couple of others–aren't that heavy on guest posts either, and it's mainly for the reason he says. I read most of the blogs I read for the voice of the owner/author/operator (a recent case in point: Leila Roy blogs her read of V.C. Andrews' Petals on the Wind; you will to laugh). With exceptions, of course. And I do have a soft spot for the ugly word blog. So antiquated you kind of have to love it. Like one of those crazy ugly dogs that somehow goes full circle and becomes adorable.
  • Colleen Mondor just totally sold me on this book, Miss Me When I'm Gone.
  • The hazards of sitting. Something I wish I wasn't thinking about, but after looking at this illustration can't stop thinking about. Must be better about yoga.
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