The Continuing Saga…

…otherwise known as the official unofficial blog tour for The Woken Gods stops over at Read My Breath Away for a Sophomore Spotlight interview, in which we discuss which of my characters I'd want by my side in a zombie apocalpyse and more. (Also, I'm serious about that bohemian utopia — or it could be a bohemian dystopia. Or the name of my next band: Bohemian Dystopia.)

My publisher is kicking in an international giveaway there, so go enter. AND the Pub Crawl giveaway (US-only, but for a signed copy) runs for another day or so. (Or, if you're lazy like me, you could just preorder. Even though the preorder contest is technically over, if a few more emails straggle in to the WokenGodsATgmailDOTcom, they'll almost certainly get relic postcards…I'm doing them this weekend.)

Tomorrow I promise another I Heart post here. It's been a busy bee kind of week, and though it appears the swarm of busy bees have settled in through next month, I'll do my best to post regularly here anyway.

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