Wednesday Hangovers

And a few promo-type things:

  • I started a pinterest board for Blackwood, if you're interested in seeing some of the history and real-world haunts therein. It will grow a bit more, and I'm going to make ones for the main characters–Phillips and Miranda–as well, over the next month. Pinning is a little bit addictive, but guessing you already knew that.
  • Also, I'm SUPEREXCITED that I'm going to be heading down to Roanoke Island for a Blackwood pre-release signing on August 16 at Duck's Cottage Downtown Books in Manteo. The exact times are still being nailed down, but I'm hoping to be hanging out there most of the day, and there's an art festival going on too–so if you're nearby, day trip! Come and say hi and get an early copy of the book. There may be some other events added to the calendar soon. And I plan to pick up some excellent swag for a few extra-special release giveaways. *rubs hands together*
  • And speaking of Strange Chemistry…since not everyone can make it to the August 23 official launch at the British Library (fancy, right?), they're running an online launch competition. You can get the details at this post, but basically all you have to do to enter is review, highlight, interview, etcetera, etcetera someone or something to do with the first batch of SC books and add the link to the Mister Linky. The winner will get their choice of a kindle or 12 months of free Strange Chemistry titles. You can't beat that.
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